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We all need to follow our passion. It is said that if a person is doing what they love to do it is not considered work at all. After many years as a successful software entrepreneur I am now in pursuit of a passion that has been within me for my whole life, creating Art To Stir Your Soul. My hope is that my images create a place where the traveler pauses for a moment to reflect on the beauty of God's creations.
In the fast paced technological society that we all live in and that I helped to create, I believe that people are now looking to slow down, reflect on what is truly important, and to find that special place that we all seek.  During the conceptional design of each image as well as during the actual creative process I journal my thoughts to create a "Thoughts While Creating" reflection page which is included with each piece.


As you look through the images that are featured here you will be able to see and reflect on these thoughts.

Being technically trained, I recently expanded my artwork to creating mixed media digital images.  Some of my work is in traditional oil, some in digital, some involve integrating real world images, and often a combination of all methods.  To me, the message is in the finished image and how it stirs your heart and soul.
It is my philosophy that artwork should continue to grow as we grow, so each time I have a new thought or idea to add something to an image I do. The image should provide a place to begin and to then continue our reflective journey. It is my hope that each image brings you many years of reflection, enjoyment, and inspiration. 


Michael Custode

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