Thoughts While Creating

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Your inner spirit is all you need to harness the power that lies within you.

But it requires one thing from anyone approaching it – the ultimate Leaps of Faith, one that you can actually reach it and the other that it will speak to your heart as it will only speak to those that are pure of heart.

All the twilight beacons are powered in harmony. Each passing its light to the next to provide a clear path to safety.

If you have been blessed with the lighter burden then spend your time helping others carry the heavier ones.

Wild Flowers come in all colors, from the lightness of yellow to the royalty of purple, their luminescence simply reflects the brilliance of their creator.

Light is the armor upon which we must shield ourselves. It protects us and enables us to travel safely on the journey.

On a magical night, magical things can happen. The moon has enhanced its presence by adding to the decorative lighting of the season; come closer to fully revel in the glory of the frosty view.

Learning to travel this hazardous road has always given me an appreciation of how difficult life’s travels can be. Solid footing is sometimes elusive and each step can be filled with a new adventure.

The lesson – Don’t be fooled by outward appearances. Sometimes that which is gentle, quiet, or even broken down can provide the deepest spiritual lessons.

Nature through all its wonders once again brings a peaceful stillness to the day.