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Bouquet of Memories

Bouquet of Memories

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Storm Bringer

Storm Bringer

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Art with an Inspirational, Spiritual, and Reflective Purpose

Virtual e-Books

Michael Custode Membership Agreement

For a yearly subscription fee of $120 which is billed at the beginning of the period you will receive the following:

1) 50% Discount off every Gift, every Day

  • Includes, Prints, Creatives, Framed Prints, and Gallery Wraps

  • Any Size and Media (Paper or Canvas)

  • Free Shipping


2) Virtual e-Books - Unlimited Access, No Cost

  • Access to our Library of Inspirational, Spiritual, and Reflective e-Books

  • Your own unique access code


3) Digital 4Life - Unlimited, No Cost

  • Include a person or a pet into any image that you purchase.

  • More details at Digital 4Life


4) Inspire Me Emails - Unlimited, No Cost

  • Send Inspire Me Emails to friend and families

  • More details at Inspire Me Email


5) Wallpaper Personalization - Unlimited, No Cost

On the yearly anniversary of your annual subscription you will receive an invoice via email for renewal. You will then be instructed as to how to make payment on this invoice. Membership agreements are not automatically rebilled.

Refunds cannot be provided. Since we are providing services on an ongoing basis during the membership year we cannot provide you any refunds if you cancel your service.

The terms and conditions of this agreement can be amended and change by Michael at any time with proper notification of all members.

I have read this agreement and agree by checking this box.

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