Swatch IT


Step 1:

Find your favorite painting by using the Search By button to help you select your Search By criteria. Then match it to our

pre-defined wall colors or upload your own wall picture. Move the painting anywhere you want on the background. Click on the painting to view a larger version.

Painting Color

Wall Color

Maximum File 15MB

Selected Painting

Thoughts While Creating

Step 2:

Once you have selected the painting use this generic background as a guide to determine the painting size. Move the painting and resize it to fit into the size you are looking to purchase. Once you find the right size click the button below to confirm the size. If you will be selecting a Frame in the next step remember that you are sizing the painting which will fit into the frame. The frame will add 1 to 2 inches or more depending on which frame style you select.

Selected Painting

Selected Painting Size


Step 3:

This is an optional step and can be used to select a Frame for your painting. We have 10 different Frame Styles and each has 3 Colors to select from.

Frame Style 

Selected Painting

Selected Painting Size


Selected Frame Style

Selected Frame Color

We will now add your painting to your cart in the size and with the frame that you selected.