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Touching Heaven


Can you feel it deep within you?

As a young girl I would come home from school and run out to my favorite place. Sitting on the rock and putting my feet in the cool water filled me with the feeling of universal connection. I didn’t know what to call it at the time but now looking back at that moment I realize it was and continues to be an awesome feeling.

We grew up in a little cabin near the mountains and my family worked hard for everything. Although the work was difficult, we never complained, because the love that we felt as a family surpassed any issues that arose. Mom and Dad’s encouraging words about God and Nature created a sensibility that we carry with us today. It made us the people we have become and filled us with a wonder for the world.

If I become still for a moment, I remember that time. With our cabin nestled in the mountains, sitting by the stream, it felt like we were touching heaven.

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