Winter Silence

“Thoughts While Creating”

The snow has begun to fall.

Heading out to do some of my chores, I walk the path towards our old family barn. The wind blows the falling snow in my face as my boots crunch the gravel on the path. I catch a falling flake on my tongue and revel in all that nature provides.

The winter moon has risen and its soft light helps to light my way. The lampposts appear as beacons on my journey and cast a ghostly glow on the frozen ground. The winter silence has come; all sounds are heard through the prism of the season. The silence is deafening, the animals have gone to their winter slumber and even nature’s clock slows down at this time.

Our family has prepared for the coming season and I will welcome the warm light that awaits me when I return home. There, each member of our family is busy about their winter tasks. There is much to do and we anxiously wonder what surprises this season will bring.

At least for tonight I will bask in the glory of the winter silence and will fill my soul with the quietness that surrounds. I am at peace.

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