Until We Meet Again

“Thoughts While Creating”

The passage of time.

This was her favorite place and I come here as often as I can. We used to watch the waves together and comment about their seemingly endless journey. It is hard to believe that this much time has passed since we were last together but this place continues to remind me of her and renews the feeling of our love.

Today, I am joined by our two favorite friends who also enjoyed our past trips here with her. They run and jump which helps me to remember the times we had together. But today I have a sense of something more, I feel her presence and know that she is watching over us.

Deep in my soul I know that no one is ever really gone and that one day we will hold each other and laugh together again. Until that time her absence is deep and profound but visits to our place of the heart help to comfort and sustain me until that time when we meet again.

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