Universal Pieces

“Thoughts While Creating"

Out of nothing, something?

Carbon, hydrogen, helium, gravity, fission, the 5 forces, atoms, protons, neutrons are all pieces needed to create a universe. The ingredients for the recipe came out of a process called the Big Bang. Cosmologists studying this creative process cannot agree if this was something that came out of nothing or nothing that came out of something.

Throughout the earth's history it was believed that the world was flat and that the earth was the center of the solar system with everything revolving around it. Later a brave man of his time, Galileo, stood up and proclaimed that the earth was round and actually revolved around the sun. For these ideas he was persecuted.

Early man looked to the stars for answers and in many ways the answers do lie out in the cosmos. Tonight, step outside and gaze up at the night sky, there you will be witness to all the universal pieces that comprise the universe as well as you.

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