Touch The Stars

“Thoughts While Creating"

Awesome and remarkable.

Stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gasses, dark matter, and universal dust came together to create our galaxy. Formed out of the building blocks of the universe, created galaxies were spun out into an ever expanding universe. Some with as little as a million stars and some with billions and billions of stars.

If you can observe this and still believe that there is no master creator, stop for a moment and consider carefully. Where is it all from? How was it created? Why do all the pieces fit together in such a masterful way? These are intricacies that the human mind has not been able to comprehend yet it exists and is woven together into a network of life.

Do you spend your days focused on the mundane and most frivolous of our interactions or are you humbled and grateful that you have been given a chance to participate in all the wonders that surround us?

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