To a Peaceful Evening

I clearly remember hearing it for the first time.

My grandparents had a summer cabin deep in the woods. I spent many a summer there with them fishing, camping, and learning about life. My siblings and I couldn’t wait till the end of the school year so we could pack up our station wagon and drive up with our parents for two fun filled weeks at our family cabin in the woods.

At the end of every day we would sit by the stream with Grandma and Grandpa and we would discuss nature and all it’s wonders. Grandpa would tell us his favorite stories about life in the woods and he would always end his story saying that all the animals went back to their homes and shared a Peaceful Evening with their animal families.

They are long gone but my brothers, sisters and I still continue the tradition of spending our summer days with our children at the cabin. We share Grandpa’s stories with everyone and at the end of every evening we offer a toast “To a Peaceful Evening” in honor of our grandparents and to the continuation of wonderful family traditions.

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