Threads of Freedom

"Thoughts While Creating"

Tattered and worn? Yet strong and new.

Just as threads are the material components of the stars and stripes so were ideas of freedom the basis that created the dream of America. Our history is replete with the story of a group of people that were willing to give up everything to see their vision of this become reality. With high hopes and much anticipation they fought and died to launch this experiment.

The American story and its continuing thread is the thought that a person is born free and with their birth comes the right to live in freedom. The idea of a person’s soul pursuing freedom can be witnessed everyday simply by following the events of the world as all over people continue to fight to defend this right.

Threads can become frayed and tattered as time marches on but the bigger issues still remain. Threads of freedom run through each and everyone of us in America as well as on this earth and pursuing it is the at core of the dream.

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