The Voyage Home

“Thoughts While Creating”

The possibility of peril.

Over the millennia there have been groups of people that have completely uprooted their way of life to travel to an unknown place to begin a new life. Many of these pioneers took the ultimate risk by leaving it all behind in the hopes of a better experience for them and their families. They represent the true definition of a risk taker as they have put it all on the line in pursuit of a dream.

On a bright morning years ago a group of travelers boarded a rickety old ship and without hesitation started a voyage to a brave new world. Their ship passed between their local mountains which for many of them represented the extent of their geographic knowledge; and so began their ultimate life changing event. Many didn’t survive the voyage and in some cases whole families were lost.

But some made it and started a new home in a place where others feared to go. We welcome them home and wonder given the chance would we chose to embark on such a perilous voyage.

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