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The way to the infinite starts here.

There is something magical even spiritual about sitting on the beach and being absorbed in the sights and sounds of the ocean. There is a beauty and elegance in watching the waves rising, rolling, and finally breaking on the shore line, the feel of the sand as it squishes between your toes, the coolness of the ocean mist as it splatters your face, or the sounds of the gulls flying overhead.

I have always found the beach to be a place for inward reflection. A place to immerse yourself in the creativity of nature and to be part of the infinite plan of the universe. Sitting in the surf watching the history of the world wash up in all its little pieces brings to mind the glory of the creation. From shards of old shells to tiny marine life each represents an important part of the story of the universe.

The beach like many other places in nature provides a natural creative space for us to be absorbed into and to remind us of our role in the infinite.

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