The Poppy and The Promise

“Thoughts While Creating”

The delicacy of the poppy against the backdrop of the mountain's majesty combine to complete nature's beautiful promise.

Poppies are a symbol of sleep, peace, as well as of death and resurrection. The opium extracted from them is used as a sleep sedative and the blood red color of the red poppy can represent death. Additional interpretations state that the bright red color of the poppy signifies the promise of resurrection after death.

The poppy is a common weed in Europe and is found in many locations including Flanders which is the setting of the famous poem 'In Flanders Fields", by the Canadian Surgeon and Soldier. John McCrae.

Since 1924 in the United States, the wearing of poppies has been used as a custom to celebrate military veterans. Moina Michael of Georgia is credited as the founder of the Memorial Poppy. Originally, November 11th was known as Armistice Day but was changed to Veteran's Day in 1954 at the end of the Korean War to honor all veterans. It is a day observed with memorial ceremonies, visits to military cemeteries, parades, and of course poppies.

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