The Final Crossing at Beacon Bay

“Thoughts While Creating”

The crispness of the night air floats on the waters of Beacon Bay.

The journey was perilous, fraught with dangers at every turn of the ocean's currents. The ship creaks along on its journey to the new land. Aboard are families seeking a better life for themselves and placing their hopes and dreams on a brighter future. A future where people live free to pursue their own destiny.

The light at this bay highlights their travel towards the final goal. Sailing for months across the oceans they have finally arrived at the entrance to the new world. With their sails set and the wind filling them they sail across Beacon Bay to their new life.

Today, many of us, don't understand the effort and sheer determination of will that was required of these early settlers. Much of what they accomplished has been lost or swept aside in the political correctness of the day. It is important to keep their stories alive and to truly portray the sacrifices that were made in the name of freedom.

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