The Blue Mountains

“Thoughts While Creating”

Rising in majesty above everything else.

For many generations these mountains have greeted my family with feelings of awe and wonder. Our cabin, built by my Great-Grand Dad, stands at the corner of the most inspiring mountain ranges every seen. Even the ever growing trees of the forest barely rise to equal its level.

Summers spent here with my Grand Parents, Mom and Dad always including great family times of swimming, hiking, and exploring. Winters included skiing, mountain climbing, and ice skating. No matter what time of the year there was a family feeling infused in everything we did together.

I remember one moonlit night as the great campfire roared and the owl hooted my Dad recalled the stories of his youthful memories of growing up besides the mountains. That night he passed on great lessons to my siblings and I and to this day we honor those memories by returning with our growing families to continue to meet under the Blue Mountains.

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