Spirit 1:1

“Thoughts While Creating”

The spirit fills the scene with sparkling rays that highlight the beauty of the stone church.

Every small town has its place of worship. They are generally at the center or heart of the community and provide a place of rest and comfort. There is a peace and tranquility that comes with going inside, sitting down, clearing your mind, and enriching your soul with the Spirit.

They are resting places on the journey where you go to be re-energized and to allow yourself to once again be filled with spiritual completeness. If we truly are spiritual beings on an earthly journey then time spent with spirit is a part of that which makes us whole again.

Of course one can spend time in quietness regardless of where their physical body sits, but there is something about the imprint of spirit that lingers in true places of the spirit. Take advantage of this today and find your favorite place where you can once again nourish your soul.

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