Spacious Skies VII

“Thoughts While Creating”

The beauty that we enjoy during our flight never ends.

Another day, another moment, and another stunning sunset as we fly over the heartland of America. The old barn is lit with the fading sparkles of the sun and if you look closely you can see the scarecrow waving to the majestic eagles as he soars. The windmill catches the soft breezes and its blades spin in slow lazy circles.

The bounty of the land is represented by the working farm below where the pumpkins and hay bales have been made ready. The fruits of our neighbor's efforts can be seen in every aspect of their hardworking yet fulfilling way of life. The trucks are being loaded and everything is being prepared for the harvest.

Today, a brown pelican has joined our group, flying past the eagle and the crows on its way to the brood's nesting site. Using its preen glands it has waterproofed itself and is on the lookout for a meal for the family scanning any low lying waters.

Our trip across America continues as we celebrate in the glory of nature and all the gifts we have been given.

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