Spacious Skies VI

“Thoughts While Creating”

On and upward we follow the eagle and mallard on their special journey over the heartland that is America.

The old barn’s rafters creak and groan from the years of use and the 1950’s Chevrolet pokes its grill through the barn’s doors ready and able to take its owner on a ride through the great roads of this country.

The sun shines through the clouds and highlights the majesty of our eagle and mallard friends. Our other feathered friends, the bluebirds, are deep in a conversation about the beauty of this year’s flowers. They sit atop the fence and mailbox waiting to greet the mailman on his daily route.

We continue to extol the virtue of America and all that it represents. From its highest mountains to its lowest canyons the spirit of this great country is alive in its people and its places.

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