Snow Blankets

“Thoughts While Creating”

The stillness of the snow blankets.

On a winter morning, after a fresh blanket of snow, I get up early to explore the beauty of nature’s work. Pulling on my boots, gloves, hat, and heavy coat I begin my journey. The fresh snow on the pathway as well as on the rooftops remind me of soft blankets.

My boots crunching the newly laid snow is in stark contrast to the utter stillness of my surroundings. The frozen pond groans with creaks and cracks as the ice forms its thin layer. Do I take a chance and walk across the snow bridge or be prudent and wait until the ice fully sets. I will test the shore of the pond with my foot before venturing on.

My friends are out to join me, from the flapping of the wings of the mallard to the neighing of “Charlie” the horse, they send me their morning greetings. A family of ducks, quacking as they go, manage to cross the frozen pond on their morning journey. Although I am filled with the sounds of nature I am in awe of the stillness of the snow that blankets everything.

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