Riding Waves of Light

“Thoughts While Creating”

Let it go.

Upon starting our journey today the skies turned gray, the wind howled, and the water became rough. Waves tossed us about and the rain pelted us with large droplets. We turned our boat to the wind and set our sails in harmony with all that nature sent our way.

As if a miracle, suddenly the skies opened and the light from heaven filtered down upon us. The wind calmed, replaced by a gentle breeze that took us off course but into a place we were ultimately destined to go. The waves retracted and the gentle foam blowing off the tips of the waves caressed our faces.

In this journey, that we call life, a moment that appears to be hopeless can become one of the most beautiful experiences we will ever have. One that provides us with the opportunity to let go of our human control and to just ride along with the spirit on the waves of light.

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