Quilt of Hearts

“Thoughts While Creating”

Across the spectrum.

Capable of many different emotions the human heart fills us with an incredible range of feelings; from the highs of love to the lows of sorrow. Sometimes nuanced, other times blatant, we feel its constant energy beating within.

As we journey on life’s path the situations we encounter seem to play with our heart strings. Falling in love or the birth of a child fills us with joy and hope while the death of a loved one or the loss of hope fills us with sorrow or brokenness. Other times we become distant or even try to keep our heart hidden for fear of being hurt. Each emotion is held in its own way and for the appropriate time.

The words we use to express our feelings of the heart do not come close to explaining how they really feel. It is important to remember that at the center of the Quilt of Hearts is a Loving Heart and it is the one to which we will always return.

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