Pumpkin Pickin

“Thoughts While Creating”

Family Blessings.

In the distance I can see our home. My family, including my parents, brothers, and sisters are all hard at work on the family farm. The work is difficult and chores are expected to be done by everyone as generations of our family have been dependent on this land.

I was given the chance to take two of my younger sisters to the pumpkin patch to select the best pumpkins for our coming Thanksgiving celebration. This was the first year that my parents allowed me to drive the cart by myself. Prior to this, my Dad would drive the cart and I would go with him to collect the pumpkins. Last week he told me that I was grown up enough to take on this responsibility.

I still remember that the day was perfect and the pumpkin patch was filled with the most bountiful pumpkins we had ever seen. With enthusiasm and anticipation we carefully selected each one and I taught my sisters (as my father had taught me) what to look for to determine which were the best. We loaded up our cart with what we needed and headed home sure that our family would be pleased.

That day is long gone now but that feeling of family and responsibility instilled in me then continues to influence my life and my choices today. I am thankful every day for the blessings of my family.

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