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I am the oldest of three brothers.

Every year at this time we get together to do the thing that we all love the most, spending time together fishing. When we were younger our father would get us up at the crack of dawn (although he never knew we were so excited that we were up before him) and take us to the old bridge where we would each chose our favorite spot. I preferred the shore, my brother, Tom, the bridge, and our youngest brother, Sam, the rowboat.

Every year we have continued the family tradition of coming together and renewing our brotherly bond. Up until a few years ago our Dad would also come with us but he passed a few years on now but we still come together (with our children) knowing that his spirit is still here watching over us. A man of infinite patience, he would take the time to bait each of our hooks, teach us how to cast, and watch the joy in our faces as we got our first catch.

Time moves on quickly. Hopefully we learn the importance of engaging in our own traditions with the people in our lives that we treasure. Whether it be a parent, grandparent, child, sibling, or a best friend share the gift of family traditions as often as you can.

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