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On time.

For as long as anyone can remember, everyday at 3:11pm, the 202’s horn blares and the locomotive wheels come thundering around the bend heading for the old station. It will stop for 10 minutes, long enough for Charlie, the engineer and Lou, the conductor, to get off the train and check a few things and then return for the 3:21 departure. Since the station closed-down 10 years ago, there haven’t been any passengers traveling the line, just freight and some deliveries.

But today is a special day for the 202 for it is the last time that it makes this trip. The engine is to be retired and there will no longer be any trains running on these tracks. This line has served the community well and traveled these same tracks year in and year out in all types of weather, but like most things in life its journey is coming to an end.

Charlie and Lou will take a few extra minutes today to savor the moment. When the train comes upon its last railroad crossing it will be bringing along with it all the memories of a job well done and friendships forged through the years. Let’s listen as Charlie gives the horn one last blast and the 202 becomes part of history.

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