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Everyday we are given the gift of newness.

Just as nature renews itself, today we have the opportunity to start fresh and to make any adjustments to our approach to life. Yesterday’s adventures become the wisdom of the future. You are given the chance to learn and grow which will help you with your next few steps on life’s journey.

Creativity flows from the newness as well. A blank canvas, a chance to start over, are all presented to the artist’s eye. In nature, the rising sun is the signal for everything to begin and upon seeing it we too are filled with the awe and wonder that it brings. Larks are up before the dawn and have already begun their plan for the day.

Use these new beginnings wisely. Spend it well by integrating your spirit with the spirit of love and look for its presence while helping others. Always remember that It is provided freely and is one of the most amazing gifts of The Spirit.

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