New Image Alert - Day Breaks

The gift of a new day.

Morning has come on this gorgeous beach. The softness of the sand, the flutter of the winds, and daybreak’s filtered light once again paint our scene. A long ago constructed fence has settled into the sand and it has watched days become years, years turned into decades, and decades passing into lifetimes all in an eternal glimpse.

The gulls are arriving to greet the new day as well, they come in for a landing their wings dancing on the gentle breezes. They will spend most of the day here interacting with their friends and sharing daily activities. If you take the time to observe them you will see that they are fully engaged in all the moments at the seashore.

Should you get an opportunity to spend your day at the beach make it your goal to be fully engaged. Reflect as the waves, in their constant movement of arriving and receding, break on the shore line revealing large quantities of shells and all things of the ocean. It is all here for you, be present as the majesty of nature is fully revealed.

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