Nature's Embers

“Thoughts While Creating”

An evening calm.

The day is ending as the sun reigns over the waters of the lake. The lake is completely still as all nature stops to marvel in the beauty of it all. Oranges and yellows merge with nature’s palette which is on full display, beautiful colors scattering the surface of the water.

This cabin is our getaway from the daily distractions of the world. Nestled in the mountains and built by our family it is filled with the hopes and dreams of those that came before us. Whenever we have the opportunity we gather here to renew our spirit and celebrate our joy of life.

We will spend tonight sitting by the fire watching the sun set on the distant horizon. We will recall our fun times, family traditions, and revel in just being with each other. We are tucked in for a night of rejoicing in nature’s embers.

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