Natural Light

Physical and Natural Light.

Ships have sailed these waters time and millennia. Does every voyage leave an imprint on the fabric of history such that the recording of each is something that can be replayed? If we could replay each journey we would see vessels in good weather using the natural light to find their way and depending on the physical light of the lighthouse as a guide during stormy weather.

Today, our scene draws our attention to the natural light and the good times. During these times sailing seems easy and free and our trips turn out exactly as planned. The water is calm, breezes blow gently, and the tides flow perfectly. All is well sailing when the natural light is guiding us.

But everything is subject to change, some expected and others are completely unknown. When the times are unknown we still have the physical lighthouse to guide us but in truly difficult times when the physical is not of assistance turn to the natural light of the spirit to guide you on your journey.

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