Mystery of the 7 Crosses

“Thoughts While Creating”

You must travel deep within the forest and you will come upon a mystery.

Cross the waterfall into a scene of ultimate tranquility. As you step across the stream flowers bloom at your feet and the cool water tingles your toes. If you look closely you will notice the 7 crosses which appear at various places in the scene. Some are scratched into the wooden trees while others appear as etched into stone stanchions. No one knows who placed these 7 crosses in their present configuration or the ultimate reason why. Some believe that the crosses lead you to the path of the eternal.

The distance is shrouded in trees and mist that add to the mystery. There is a light that appears in the clouds that seems to be calling us forward. Legend says that if you follow the 7 crosses into the light you will find heaven as whoever has preceded us on this path has never returned.

Some say it’s a dream, others say it’s reality; eventually you will find out as you continue on the daily journey along the path of lightness.

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