Moonlit Reflections

“Thoughts While Creating”

Where do you go when its time to reflect?

This stream is one my favorite locations to retreat to whenever I need to get away and reflect on life’s issues. My old creaky rowboat is always ready to give me a ride and I find my same place on the banks right beside my childhood friend this beautiful tree of nature.

On many summer nights I climbed this tree and up there among its boughs and branches I sat with my friends to reflect on our futures. In times of turmoil or when I just need a bit of refocus I find myself returning to this same spot to once again stand in the streaming moonlight to reflect on what has become of my life and my journey.

Life is never easy and often it is filled with turbulent times. Yet I know that I can always return to that place where I feel most comfortable and am able to reflect under the starry night sky and the watchful eye of the moon.

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