Integrity's Rider

““Thoughts While Creating”

And so the legend is told.

Many years ago before the advent of technology in a time of cowboys and guns there lived a rancher who owned a piece of land north of the river. The best of neighbors, he watched out for his friends.

One day a man rode into town and started to cause trouble for the people. He drank too much, gambled too much, and built a reputation based on fear and intimidation. The local sheriff was not much help and soon everyone started to flee the town as lawlessness became a way of life. Quickly, the bustling town started to go downhill as families lost their farms and closed their businesses.

On a night like this, under the starry sky, our rancher neighbor rode to confront the man and some say that after that night the man and the rancher were never seen again. What transpired? No one knows, but apparently the rancher stood up for his friends, neighbors, and soon the town flourished once again. This man became a local legend and it is said that if you are out on a starry night you may still see him riding the path as Integrity’s Rider.

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