Infinity and The Soul

Thoughts While Creating”

That which is without any limits or boundaries.

An early idea of infinity comes from Anaximander, a Greek philosopher, who used the word aperion to mean infinite or limitless. The Indian mathematical text, the Surya Prainapti (3rd or 4th century) classifies all numbers into 3 sets: enumerable, innumerable, and infinite.

John Wallis, an European mathematician, used the notation (sometimes called a leminscate) to represent an infinite number. An infinite regress in logic is a "distinctively philosophical" argument that a thesis is defective if it generates an infinite series. Also, perspective artwork uses a concept of vanishing points or points of infinity located at an infinite distance from the observer.

Is there anything more limitless than the human soul? Infused with an energy by our Creator, we are blessed to be part of the infinite design. Our soul, the true manifestation of Infinity .


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