Font of Angels

“Thoughts While Creating”

Messengers of God.

Being messengers of God implies that Angels are involved in communication between God and humans. There are many references in the bible scriptures to angels delivering their heavenly messages.

Before God created the world, he created the archangels, as scripture states they were witnesses to the creation of the universe. What was the process by which God created these messengers? Is there a place in heaven where angels are born or is it an instant process by which an angel appears out of nowhere. In my imagination, in heaven, there is a font flowing with the spirit of God. It is from this font that spiritual beings are infused with the required attributes of an angel.

Can our spirits achieve the level of angel and if so is it related to the experiences and situations that we have learned during our earthly journey? Upon achieving the heavenly realm do we bath in the light of God’s spirit which opens us up to the capabilities of becoming guardian angels? Perhaps spirits that we once knew on earth are watching over us at this very moment.

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