Embracing Winds of Change

“Thoughts While Creating”

Guidance and growth.

Many young people are curious about their lives. They seek advice in regards to things associated with their social, family, and spiritual lives. If I am asked, after listening intently, I may offer a number of suggestions. The one that I find myself returning to time and again is this:

Whatever your state of mind, your circumstances, or your situation know this – it will change as time moves on. The winds of change is a constant that flows through everyone’s journey. Things that look permanent now always have a way of changing or morphing into something different. Whether you are currently enjoying up times or fretting over perceived down times be assured that this will change.

So what are we to learn from this? First, embrace the change; enjoy all positive aspects, be prepared with plans and options, and do not become too lodged in the negatives. In retrospect you will find that these experiences are often what is needed at that specific moment in our lives to facilitate growth.

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