Comfortable Conversations

“Thoughts While Creating”

Consider this your invitation to a comfortable conversation.

Everyone has a favorite place to sit and engage in conversations. This is my place. On a beautiful day against the wonder of the setting sun I sit beneath this old tree to talk with family and friends. Our conversations cover a wide variety of topics and careen through the commonplace to the intricate.

This old wooden bench was made by my Father and he and I spent many an hour sitting here together. I looked forward to hearing him tell the stories that ultimately shaped my own life. His stories were thoughtful and filled with life’s lessons including opportunities, circumstances, and consequences.. My siblings and I were truly blessed with our parents and all their thoughtful ways of communication.

As community beings we all love to sit with others and share our thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Stories and conversation are what makes us who we are and greatly influence what we ultimately believe. Make time today to spend quality time with someone you love. Relax under your own old oak tree and enjoy a comfortable conversation.

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