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Celestial Navigation also known as astronavigation is an ancient art and science. It enables a navigator to fix their position without having to rely on estimated calculations or dead reckoning. It uses sights or angular measurements taken between a celestial body (sun, moon, planet or star) and the visible horizon. The sun can be used but navigators can also use the moon, a planet or one of 57 navigational stars whose coordinates are in the Nautical Almanac.

The measured angle between the celestial body and the visible horizon is directly related to the distance between the celestial body's geographic position and the observer's position. After some computations, referred to as sight reduction, this measurement is used to plot a line of position on a navigational chart with the observer's position being on that same line.

What does this all mean? Simply put, our creator has left a marked trail for us to follow. Whether on land, sea, air, or even our journey of life by using our special gifts of logic and intuition we can travel without fear of getting lost. By simply following the guidelines that have been laid before us we can never really lose our way.

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