Canvas of Peace

“Thoughts While Creating”

The new day is painted on earth’s canvas.

What type of day shall it be on our earthly home? Nature has created it with the glory of this beautiful scene; the rising sun, the clear blue sky, the soft breezes, the peaceful waves, and the gentle birds. Certainly it is a day that has been peacefully blessed.

But now that God and nature have done their part what will we fill the day in with? Will it be colored with angry discussion, nasty disagreements, petty frivolity, and spurious indulgences? Most of the news and information we participate in comes from a palette with a purpose, often times one that is not in alignment with our desire for internal peace.

Yet we have been given the design for living in peace. Gazing out our windows we see the beauty and gentleness of the earth’s daily works. It can guide us if we just allow it to become part of who we are. When in anger feel the gentle flow of the waves on your bare feet, if under stress embrace the smell of the ocean breezes, and if in despair remember that tomorrow’s canvas will be even more breathtaking than today.

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