Behold The Light

“Thoughts While Creating”

The path can be dark, wet, slippery, filled with fame, gold, money, and other types of enticements.

On our daily walk on the pathway of life we are bombarded with constant opportunities to detour or go against our best intentions. A slight compromise to our values here or a minimal movement away from our core beliefs there can sometimes take us down a fork in the path that in retrospect we realize was not the best choice.

But the light promises us a way through the darkness and it subtly highlights our pathway even though we don’t always recognize it’s appearance. It can come in the form of a wise suggestion or a feeling to move towards inner reflection or to just trust your instincts.

If you make it your goal to behold the light you will feel its constant whispers of wisdom in your soul as it joyfully moves you back onto the path of enlightenment.

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