Beacons Over Coastal Tides

Thoughts While Creating”

When I left yesterday all my boats were anchored to the shore.

As with many things in life, when returning to the heart of the matter, the things I thought were secured turned out not to be. Nature sometimes has a different point of view and in this case I returned to see my rowboats unmoored and floating in the coastal surf when the tide came in.

Situations in our daily journey often unfold like this. We leave a situation feeling in control only to realize that we do not have any control at all. This upsets many of us and we become anxious over our lack of control, when in reality there are very few things on our journey where we actually have control.

The beacon and its watchful eye understands the frivolity associated with our situation. After all, tides come in and tides go out, they are just natural occurrences in the daily ebb and flow of our world. During this ebb and flow process circumstances change and outcomes are affected in ways we could not even imagine.

The lesson learned: Watch out for the anchors we place today as tomorrow’s tide may wash them all away.

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