Beacons of the Coming Illumination

“Thoughts While Creating”

Does it seem that humanity has come to a crossroad?

Everyday more and more events occur that seem to place us at a juxtaposition of the light and the dark. The majority of us, followers of the light, spend their days in acts of kindness and mercy. Seeing that their fellow travelers are in need they take the time to help them and along the path. They live in the spirit and do their best to listen to their heart. The coming illumination will manifest from within each of those that follow the light.

But there are still followers of the darkness who spend their days causing chaos and unfortunately get lost in the temptations of the world. They listen to the ego and look towards the instant gratification it can provide. Their attempt to impose their will and ways on others always leads to conflict.

Beacons of the coming illumination follow the light of the spirit. By spending our time in reflection of the natural world and all that it offers, the clarity of the universal goal of love is revealed A wise man once taught us that the greatest gift of the spirit is love and to go forth and love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

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