Barn Storming

“Thoughts While Creating”

Do our friends have an innate sense of being able to predict the coming weather?

Initially quiet and still the horses begin to pace the barn. Neighing and snorting they seem to be having a conversation about the coming storm. The winds increase in intensity and begin to howl rushing through the barren branches that start to creek and groan. Thunder claps emanate from the billowing clouds.

Rain begins to pelt the tin roof of the barn and each drop creates a loud echo. The horses move towards the entrance of the barn and look up to see the birds circling and gathering in their flocks. Loud cawing fills the air as the leader decides which direction they will be heading.

Biophony refers to the collective sound that vocalizing animals create in a given environment such as an approaching storm. There is a noticeable shift in the biophony especially of birds and mammals that tend to become silent and then agitated as the storm approaches.

A noted expert in the field has stated that - "Animals have evolved over many eons to survive in their environment and if you observe them closely over a long period they see things we don't see and they sense things we don't sense."

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