Aligning the Soul

“Thoughts While Creating”

Align to the energy of the universal.

The wonders of nature are in full display as the sun sets on the gift of another day. This is my place to come and align the energy of my soul. From the moment I arrive, the stress of life seems to melt away and gone are the constant interruptions, daily noise, and everything associated with non-alignment.

Standing on the porch of the old cabin I witness the sun in all its magnificent glory making its final descent for the day. Sparkling sunlight shimmers between the branches of the trees and sheen the lake with colorful highlights. My friends, the peaceful swan family, come out for their twilight swim and participate in the peace and tranquility of the moment. Their delicate feathers move effortlessly through the water as they become one with nature.

Often we allow the loads of life to fill us to overflowing with negative aspects of energy. When we feel "out of sorts" or not "right with the world" it is important to align our soul's spiritual energy with the energy of the universal.

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