Abandoned Tracks

"Thoughts While Creating"

There is a book that teaches us about the roads less traveled.

And although these tracks have been abandoned due to modern routes there are still roads followed by those that seek a quieter path. Before the time of instantaneousness, attention demanding technology. and other things intended to make our lives quicker, there was an easy way to rhythm to life's journey.

A time when people greeted others with a friendly hello and did not walk past them fully absorbed in the clatter of the day. A time when we really paid attention to what other's said and relied on their word being their bond. A time when families came together to talk and share good times around the family meal.

Abandoned or lost in the clutter of the daily noise these tracks are still available to us to follow. Everyday we lose more keepers of the wisdom whose wise council took us down these less traveled roads. Seek out these keepers and spend time today in their presence they will teach you of the benefits of walking together and celebrating the abandoned tracks.


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