Comfortable Conversations II

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The scene is set.

Everyone has a favorite place to sit and engage in conversations. This is my place and at the end of a beautiful day my friends and I will meet to celebrate life. Tonight is especially gorgeous with the clouds reflecting the sparkle of the setting sun. Nature’s friends will also be joining us and wait in anticipation for our arrival.

The rocking chairs have been arranged in perfect positions to watch as the sun gently goes down. The wine is chilled and already poured and sits on our tree tables ready to be enjoyed. We have been meeting here for years and as time has moved on so have our conversations of our lives, our family, our kids, our grandchildren, and even our great-grandchildren.

As community beings we all love to sit with others and share our thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Stories and conversation are what makes us who we are and greatly influence what we ultimately believe. Make it a priority to spend quality time with the people you love. Relax in your favorite place and enjoy a comfortable conversation.

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