Book - An Inspirational, Spiritual, and Reflective Journey

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Book - An Inspirational, Spiritual, and Reflective Journey


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An Inspirational, Spiritual, and Reflective Journey is a book based on the works of Michael Custode. Over 90 pages of paintings and writings are featured. As a "Centerpiece Book" it is intended to be located in the heart of your home in a place where everyone can pause for a moment to begin or continue their reflective journey.

Includes a Handmade Book Mark to track your Journey

“An Inspirational, Spiritual, and Reflective Journey” is a remarkable fusion of art and story.

To the human spirit’s ever-questing passion for the true, the good and the beautiful, one finds here verbal and visual expressions that proclaim exuberantly: “YES”: I need not be afraid! Hope is for real! Life matters! I can face the future with courage! To offer this rewarding gift to friends, is to share with them a rich blessing." - Msgr. Edward J. Ciuba - Author of "Creation at the Crossroads" and "Who Do You Say I Am"


"Michael Custode is the quintessential artistic soul.

As Maitre' D , Mike escorts his reader to the marriage of inner soul bonding with the kaleidoscopic universal soul. Café Della Rosa, open it up to the eye, before proposing to your lover. Rainbow Blessings, after a life storm, read the reflection as you see more light enter your soul. At the end of the day, Custode's work triggers the Divine within to shine more hope into the world." - Fr. Anthony Randazzo - Author of "Beatitudes, Christ and the Practice of Yoga"


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