"Thank You" to all that have supported us this year.

We are excited to present 3 unique Holiday Gift ideas.

All will make great gifts and are guaranteed to help your gift recipient 

continue on their Inspirational, Spiritual, and Reflective Journey.

Celebrate our Real Heroes

Honor them for their military service.

Purchase any painting from our Sacred Ground Collection and we will send you the full collection.

Holiday Special - Buy 1 get 3.

Your choice of media (paper or canvas) and size (from 5x7 to 18x24).

Free shipping in the USA.

Our Inspirational, Spiritual, and Reflective Journey Book contains 40 of Michael's paintings and writings.


It is our first Centerpiece book intended to be placed in the heart of your home as a constant source of inspiration, motivation,  and enjoyment. 

Holiday Special $50.00 - Regular $75.00

Free shipping in the USA.

Includes a handmade Book Mark to track your Journey

Deck Their Walls All Year Long

Comes in a beautiful gift box.

A Centerpiece Book for your Family

The gift that keeps on giving.


Your gift recipient will receive the painting of their choice every month for the entire year.

Holiday Special $99.00


Every month for the entire year your gift recipient will select a painting of their choice, the media (paper or canvas), and size

(from 5x7 to 18x24).


Free shipping in the USA.

The real heroes travel the sacred ground every day in pursuit of freedom, compassion, and selfless performance. Many are ignored by their own country, given little rewards for their service and often live lives full of darkness. Yet they travel through places that nobody else would travel through, they touch people that nobody else would touch, and they lay down their lives for the dream of country and freedom.


These are the men and women that are the real heroes. Keep them forever in your hearts and never forget them, their families, or their sacrifices.

Freedom comes with a cost.

Our Latest

Painted Roses - Available at ShopVida

as a Bag, Journal, Jewelry, Pillows, Pocket Squares, Scarves, Tapestry, Tags, and Wraps

Welcome to the latest paintings by Michael Custode. 

"Without a doubt the finest artist on the net today. Everyone needs to have a piece of his artwork in their home." - Susie T.

Inspirational, Spiritual, & Reflective 

The experiences of art, nature, and spirituality, can have a truly profound effect on our actual physicality.  


Every day more research emerges that examines the effects of positive emotions and how they manifest themselves in the physical body. Emotions like awe and wonder which arise from experiences like being out in nature, listening to music, viewing a beautiful piece of art, or engaging in spirituality can actually cause a measurable decrease of inflammation in the body which ultimately has been proven to prevent diseases.

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Digital 4Life

Are you looking for a truly unique gift? 


How about something that lasts forever and is one of a kind.

Our master digital artists can now integrate one of your favorite pictures (of a spouse, friend, loved one, or a pet) with one of our Inspirational, Spiritual, and Reflective paintings to create that unique gift.


Capri Pants




Pocket Squares




Tee Shirts


Vida is a collaboration between designers and makers around the world that brings original, inspiring apparel and accessories to you - creating beauty every step of the way.

"I am awe inspired. Your images are thought provoking as well as stunning." - Ed B.

"Finally art with a spiritual, and reflective purpose. It inspires me everyday. 
Your attention to detail is quite impressive." - Colleen L.
"Without a doubt the finest artist on the net today.
Everyone needs to have a piece of his artwork in their home." - Susie T.
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